Thursday, July 29, 2010

tofu dearest column for poor taste magazine

The Taco Chronicles
Name any kind of meatless, non-dairy ingredient and I’ll find a way to taco it up [...]

column for j. the jewish news weekly

Ooh, baby, baby: Jewish inspiration via a newborn sabra
There must be some sort of Jewish baby boom happening right now. Or at least it feels like there is in my insular world. There’s been an upswing of birth announcements in our Lifecycles section, and while I personally will not be having children for quite some time (I’ve yet to successfully raise a houseplant), I’m in awe of all my friends who’ve recently welcomed children into their lives [...]

Thursday, July 15, 2010

tofu dearest column for poor taste magazine

Meatless grilling on a summer’s day
Lately, all I can think about are three syllables: bar-be-cue. Maybe it’s the hazy, pleasant vibe of the summer months in general [...]

Monday, July 5, 2010

dum dum girls for SF Weekly

Riot Grrrls Return
Dum Dum Girls and the new wave of feminist punk.

The Dum Dum Girls sound like the Ronettes — that is, if the classic '60s girl group time-traveled to the '90s to make music with scuzzy beach-punks [...]

tofu dearest column for poor taste magazine

I’ve missed you most of all, pizza
I stared intently at the greasy delivery pizza slice forming grayish pools of oil on my paper plate, fully aware of the impending stomach trauma [...]

Danzig at the Regency Ballroom for sf weekly

Danzig, All Shall Perish and Toxic Holocaust at the Regency Ballroom
The photo you see above, of Glenn Danzig brooding with his eponymous band during a live performance, is not from the Regency Ballroom last night. The reason there's no actual image of his San Francisco show? [...]