Friday, October 22, 2010

jaron lanier for j. weekly

Renaissance man: Berkeley resident is a musician, a Web guru and the father of virtual reality
In his home studio, surrounded by hundreds of exotic woodwind instruments, Jaron Lanier could be any other eccentric Berkeley musician. With fuzzy blond dreadlocks hanging down to the small of his back, the 50-year-old picks up a Middle Eastern oud and carefully plucks [...]

the vaselines for sf weekly

The Vaselines sex up the ex factor with their new record
When most exes reconvene, they try to skirt the big naked elephant in the room. This was not the case for Scottish lo-fi pop duo the Vaselines [...]

tofu dearest for poor taste magazine

Vegan Halloween: My Bloody Punchbowl (and Other Ghoulish Treats)
Growing up, Halloween was always my favorite holiday — and it remains at the top today. Oh those evenings I spent dressed as a pink-cheeked cheerleader, glittery mermaid, French painter, and “weirdo” (I went through phases, okay?), hoarding treats earned through rigorous doorbell ringing and appreciative smiles [...]

Monday, October 11, 2010

david rakoff for j. the jewish news weekly

Anxiety-ridden and seeing the glass as ‘Half Empty’
David Rakoff has dealt with paralyzing anxiety, two bouts of cancer and a childhood spent as a “freakishly small” gay boy in Toronto [...]

rock photography exhibit for j. the jewish news weekly

Icons of rock: Show at Marin JCC displays three Jewish photographers’ shots of music legends
What is it with Jewish Deadheads? Jewish rock photographer Bob Minkin, who used to work with the band, isn’t quite sure [...]

tofu dearest for poor taste magazine

Dreaming In Swirls of Cinnamon
Are you aware that if you live anywhere in the U.S., you can now have a box of four gooey vegan cinnamon rolls delivered to your door? Not only that, but the cinnamon rolls come with a variety of delicious flavor options. It’s a mind-blowing concept, I know. I’ll let you sit and salivate with that knowledge for a moment [...]